Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Decision

I've been away from the writing world for a while now, tooling around the place I call home writing essays in an attempt to fill a void, all the while calling it "higher education." But for me the truth of the matter is that the written word has always appealed to me in a way nothing else has, not music, movies, or art ever captured my attention or affection like words on a page. So begins my decision to write again.

This time I'm 100% committed.

This time I have something to say.

This time I won't walk away from this space- my corner of the vast interwebs.

What will you, my friend, find if you decide to stay and join me?

I will let you decide.

For now, I will share my hopes with you- I hope you will find this to be a place that inspires, touches you, brings solace, lightens your mood, gives you a chance to think and reflect. I will not spoon feed you fairy tales, but I do want to fill your mind with possibility.

The focus of this space (I'm going to try to maintain that is) is about love- living with it, the possibility of it, the importance of it, and why I believe it to be the greatest power on Earth (akin to gravity).

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